What is Polhacks?

Polhacks is a gaming festival with roots going back to 2011, organized each spring by the Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students (UTN). It's a fun and social event focused on companionship and gaming that everyone can participate in and find something enjoyable to do. Whether you're an avid gamer who spends a lot of time playing and perhaps competing in some of the games, or if you've never played a game in your life, there will be something for you. This year, the event is returning to a physical format, and you can join by purchasing a ticket. There are tournaments in the biggest and most common e-sports games with great prizes. If you don't want to participate in the tournaments, that's totally fine; you are welcome to watch the tournaments on our Twitch channel or join us on Discord.

Polhackskå 2024

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About UTN

Uppsala Technology and Science Students' Union, UTN, is the student union for those studying technology or science at Uppsala University. As a student union, UTN operates in many exciting areas related to your studies. The primary task of the union is to safeguard and monitor the interests of the students regarding their education, a process known as academic monitoring. This is done to ensure that students at the Faculty of Science and Technology receive the best possible education! Four students work full-time with academic monitoring at UTN, and together with representatives from each section association, they help you deal with everything from complicated course administrators and poor working environments to information about study abroad opportunities and making student voices heard. The academic monitors also work with case management. In total, 11 students work full-time at the union to make your study experience as good as possible. Feel free to visit the union house Uthgård and say hello!

In addition to academic monitoring, UTN also works with career connections and social activities related to studies, for example by organizing a lot of fun events to enrich your study time, such as the River Rafting event, the career fair Utnarm, Sweden's largest Puzzle Rally, and the gaming festival Polhacks! By choosing to become a member, you support the union's work, which ultimately helps you and your fellow students so that your study time and education become the best in Sweden! The more members we have, the stronger our voice becomes, so consider joining UTN here: [https://utn.se/bli-medlem]

Contact us

If there's any information you can't find on the website or if you just want to contact us anyway, you are very welcome to do so.

General Questions
If you have general questions about Polhacks, you can contact the Polhacks board's presidency, and they will respond or forward your question to the appropriate person. You can contact the presidency at presidiet@polhacks.utn.se.

Corporate Partnerships

Corporate contact: connection@polhacks.utn.se

Problems with Logging In or Other Website-Related Questions
Website manager: web@polhacks.utn.se

Press Contact
Project leader: boss@polhacks.utn.se

Computer and Video Games
Tournament manager: game@polhacks.utn.se

Other Games and Activities

Event manager: event@polhacks.utn.se


Every year, Polhacks organizes a gaming festival where we offer over 100 computer stations, a board game room, and several online tournaments. This event has been an annual tradition since 2011 and is a fun and social occasion focused on fellowship and gaming that everyone can participate in and find something enjoyable to do. Whether you are very experienced or have never played before, there will be something for you!


If you are studying at Uppsala University, you can register for the LAN event via the Polhacks event in the Orbi app. The LAN event will take place from May 3-5, 2024, and a ticket is valid for the entire duration of the LAN.


- 150kr for a computer spot (UTN members)
- 200kr for a computer spot (non-UTN members)
- Free for visitors


Are you looking for a team or just someone to play games with? Create a Discord account and join our channel! If you can't find a team before Polhacks, contact someone on the committee and we will do our best to find you some teammates! You can write to us on our Facebook page or email us.


To participate in Polhacks, one must read and agree to the Polhacks rules and regulations. The rules are designed by Polhacks' safety officer, FiReWaLL 24, with support from the rest of the Polhacks committee and the Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students (UTN), to ensure that the Polhacks LAN is a safe and welcoming event.