About UTN

Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students, UTN, is the student union for those studying engineering or science at Uppsala University. As a student union UTN is involved in many exciting fields related to your studies. The Union works for the students at the TekNat faculty to have the best possible education. On of the main activities for the Union is something we call Maintaining student-educational interests. This involve issues considering education, student welfare and the labour market. Four students work full-time as Student Liaison Officers at UTN and together with representatives from each section they can help you to deal with everything from complicated course administrators, poor work environments, information about exchange studies and to get more work related activities into the program. A total of 10 students work full-time at the Union to make your study to the best possible. Please come to the union house Uthgård and say hello!

In addition to the work with our educations the Union also arranges a lot of fun events to make the study time as fun as possible. One of these events is Polhacks but we also have the River Rafting, the career fair Utnarm and the Engineering and computerscience reception! If you choose to become a member you are supporting the Union and the sections' work, which ultimately means that you are helping yourself and your fellow students so that your study time and education will be the best in Sweden! The more members we are, the stronger our voice, become a member of UTN here.

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