Regulations for Polhacks

How fun that you want to come visit Polhacks!

To be able to visit Polhacks one has to accept these regulations. These regulations are formulated by FiReWaLL 23 with help from the rest of the polhackscommitte (from now on Polhackskå) and Uppsala teknolog- och naturvetarkår (UTN). The regulations exist so that

  • we shall be allowed to use the premises during this event now and in the future
  • participants gets knowledge about how equipment, network and power should be used to avoid unintentionally spoling the event.
  • all participants, visitors, volunteers and Polhackskå may have a so pleasant and safe event as possible.

For questions please contact FiReWaLL at [email protected]

Chapter 1: Introduction

  1. It is every participant's responsibility to know about and follow the rules that exist for participation in Polhacks. The regulations apply through the whole of Polhacks and in every place that is considered a part of the premises for Polhacks.
  2. These regulations can be changed until the opening of Polhacks. The latest version is always available on Polhacks' webpage.
  3. Violating the regulations can lead to expulsion or suspension. In case of any violations, ignorance of the regulations will not be a valid argument to avoid possible suspension or expulsion. Expulsion will be effective until Lankå deems the participant fit to re-enter the area. Suspension will be effective throughout the rest of the event.
  4. Crimes against Swedish law will be reported
  5. Each participant is responsible for their own actions during the event.
  6. Each participant is responsible for abiding the instructions and recommendations given by Polhackskå. Polhackskå has decision-making authority in all matters and events related to Polhacks.
  7. All participants and visitors are required to prove payment by wearing the Polhacks 2023 band throughout the event. A lost or damaged band will not be compensated.

Chapter 2: Security

  1. Participants at Polhacks are personally responsible over any property they brought to the event. Polhackskå is not liable for lost nor damaged property.
  2. If the fire alarm goes off , the electricity will immediately be shut down and all those present will be asked to leave the premises at a calm pace without delay. When safety is restored, everyone will be let back in after notice by Polhackskå 2023.
  3. Throughout the event , all participants and visitors will treat each other, volunteers and Polhackskå with respect and consideration, both in the real as in the virtual world. Lack thereof can lead to expulsion.

Chapter 3: Alcohol and drugs

  1. It is prohibited to possess and / or consume alcohol and / or drugs on any of the event's fields. Possession and consumption of alcohol and / or drugs will lead to immediate expulsion from the area or suspension in serious cases.
  2. It is forbidden to reside in Polhacks under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.
    Alcohol or drug affected persons will immediately be expulsed.
  3. When smoking, it is the rules of Uppsala University that applies. Smoking indoors is therefore absolutely forbidden and smoking outdoors is only allowed outside the smoke-free area (30 m from the entrance ). Cigarette butts must be disposed of in the appropriate containers, not on the ground.

Chapter 4 : Sleep

  1. It is generally not permitted to sleep in the university premises! If a dormitory has been designated and notified of by Polhackskå, it is allowed to sleep there. Otherwise, participants and visitors have to go home when they need to sleep.
  2. If participants or visitors sleeping in one of the event's fields, that is not the designated dormitory, Polhackskå will wake the person in question.
  3. If Polhackskå considers any participant feels ill because of lack of sleep, Polhackskå will ask the person to go home or to the designated dormitory to sleep.

Chapter 5: Your designated spot

  1. Each participant has their own designated spot. Participants must keep their things within their own space, unless otherwise agreed with their neighbor. Should a dispute arise, it is Polhackskå that has final say.
  2. Each spot includes one (1) network port and one (1) power socket. This power socket is used to connect a current splitter, to supply power to the computer and any external monitor. Participants are responsible for bringing their own current splitter with a maximum of three (3) sockets, a network cable that is at least 5 meters and power cables to the computer and any external monitor. Polhackskå has no possibility to lend equipment.
  3. Participants have a duty to keep their spot clean, for safety reasons and can be asked by Lanka to immediately clean up their place.
  4. All participant can have one of the following set ups on their spot: A) Desktop with one (1) screen and standard peripheries*. B) Laptop with one (1) extra screen and standard peripheries*. C) Laptop with standard peripheries*. Incase a participant want to bring consols contact FiReWaLL 23.
    * Standard peripheries include but is not limited too: keyboard, computer mouse, headset. Standard peripheries does NOT include: Mini fridge, speakers, projector. Polhackskå have decision-making right about what is allowed as peripheries and not. In case participants have a question, contact [email protected] .

Chapter 6: Electricity and Network

  1. Kitchen appliances, television sets, extra monitors and sound systems and other appliances that consume excessive power are not allowed. In case of any conflict regarding what is considered “excessive” it is Polhackskå's judgement and decision that applies.
  2. To overload or attempting to overload the network will be seen as sabotage. The person responsible will promptly be expulsed.
  3. Each participant gets access to a 230V outlet.
  4. When using the network Up-Unets-S the Uppsala Universitys rules applies. Every participant is responsible for knowing these rules. More information will be avalible closer upon the event. Incase of questions, contact [email protected]

Chapter 7: Games and tournaments

  1. The rules set by Polhackskå regarding tournaments and other games are always in effect without any reservations.
  2. Breaking the rules and/or with any unallowed means sabotaging opponents will be seen as cheating. Participants who cheat risk, besides being suspended from the current tournament, be suspended from all other tournaments and even from Polhacks itself.
  3. Any person who behaves offensively, makes any assaults or in some other way show lack of respect can be disqualified, suspended from other tournaments and/or Polhacks by Polhackskå. This applies both in real life and in the virtual space.

Chapter 8: Miscellaneous rules

  1. Participants are expected to do their best to prevent damage to the property on the premises. If damage is made to the property, the participant responsible will be held liable.
  2. It is prohibited to copy and / or distribute copyright material during the event.
  3. For everyones sake shall all garbage be thrown in the proper bins. This applies in all of the Polhacks premises, including toilets and outdoors.
  4. It is not allowed to have food, candy, snacks or any other things that may cause allergic reactions in other people. This includes strong perfumes. No animals are allowed on the premises. If unsure about what could cause allergies in others, contact Polhackskå for advice.
  5. Regulations specific for other events during or related to Polhacks comes as a complement to these regulations. Polhackskå has final say in case of abuse of the regulations. If unsure about anything, please contact Polhackskå.
  6. Polhackskå can not under any circumstances refund payment for the event. This includes illness, discontentment, expulsion and unforeseen external circumstances that impede or affect the event that are beyond Polhackskå control (see §7 below).
  7. Polhackskå is not liable to fulfill all or part of the event in case of unforeseen circumstances beyond Polhackskå control that prevents or affects the whole or part of the event, such as power outages, network failures, fire, lightning, explosion, war, strengthened defense readiness, riots, natural disasters, adverse weather conditions, pandemics and of the like.