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This is where you buy tickets, computer pick-up and meals. Your purchases will be registered on your account and you will be able to get your wristband and meal tickets when you get to Polhacks. When you press "Create Payment" your pending payments will be canceled and you will receive a link to the payment site. Your purchases will be registered once they have been approved which may take a few days.

Note that if you are not a student at Uppsala University you will not have access to internet during the LAN party and are therefore encouraged to purchase a visitors ticket instead of a seat ticket.

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Choose ticket type. A visitors-ticket lets you come and hang around att polhacks during it’s entire duration and take part in all of the events and competitions except of the PC-game tournaments. A seat ticket also grants you a computer seat (duuh), lots of internets and lets you compete in the PC-game tournaments.
Computer pick-up
If you order computer pickup, you’ll get your computer delivered from one of the strategically chosen places in Uppsala to polhacks and back again when polhacks is over. Click here for more info.
Here you can buy meal tickets! Use them when you get to polhacks by trading them in when each meal is served at Uthgård. Note that if you buy a mealpackage you should NOT buy each meal separately! More info and menu
Enter your food allergies and such. For example "vegetarian" or "gluten allergic".