Ticket Release Event

27 January

What we all have been waiting for, Polhacks 2020 is getting closer, we have a date and by that we also have a TICKET RELEASE EVENT, woo! Tuesday 4/2, 17:15 are we in Uthgård, bring your friends and everyone you know. We will be hosting activities and contests, and you will be able to buy food cooked by Polhacks own FEED. Last but not leased, you will have the opportunity to pre-book a seat for Polhacks 2020. This will enable you to choose where you want to sit ahead of the online ticket release. (No payment will be done at the event. You will need an account on polhacks.utn.se).

If that wasn’t enough, the theme of Polhacks 2020 is now official! You may have noticed it by now if you follow us on social media, but this year it is a combination of two themes. Like Hannah Montana used to say, you get the best of both worlds, Stranger Things + The Legend of Zelda! You’ll have to wait and see how this turns, all I can say right now is that is is going to be a lot of fun.

Polhacks is a LAN-party which is an event by Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students. The event will take place from the 28th until the 31st of March 2019. Polhacks is a non-alcoholic event which means no alcohol will be served at the ticket release event either.

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I guess I will see you on the ticket release event?