During polhacks a number of meals of varying kinds will be served. The food is served at Uthgård, the lunch 12-14, dinner 18-20. Food tickets are pre-ordered but can also be bought at the event depending on supply. The thrifty polhacks visitors will be able to pre-order a meal package, which includes every meal from Thursday to Sunday. Note that one should NOT buy both the meal package as well as separate meals, since it will result in double costs. There will also be a kiosk where remaining hunger and thirst can be stilled.


In the kiosk you can buy many different things; for example soda, mineral water, coffee, baguettes and much more. We in polhackskå are going to be posted in the kiosk and are happy to chit chat or discuss the latest and greatest in the world of fashion, if you are in the mood for small talk.


Note that the meal package includes every meal from Friday to Sunday. One should NOT buy separate meals if one is planning to buy a meal package.
There are vegan versions of all meals!


Dinner - Red beet scramble with leek and root vegetable puree.


Lunch - Lentil bolognese with spaghetti and red onion sallad.

Dinner - Falafel with bulgur and yoghurt sauce.


Lunch- Curry quorn stew with rice.

Dinner - Chili wok with noodles.


Lunch - Bean burgers with orange couscous and garlic sauce.