What is Polhacks?
Polhacks is a game festival dating back to 2011, arranged by Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students. It is a fun and social event with a focus on socializing and games that everyone can participate in and can find something to entertain themselves with. Whether you are an experienced gamer who has spend a lot of time gaming and maybe even on a competing level in some of the games, or if you've never played a game in your entire life, there will be something for you.

Who can participate?
You have to be studying at Uppsala University. You must be able to show a valid access card.

How can I participate?
If you choose to buy a computer site ticket you will be able to bring your own computer and connect it to the network and play with other participant or online. You are also able to participate in our tournaments. It's tournaments in the biggest and most popular e-sport games with awesome prizes. If you don't want to participate in tournaments, that's completely ok, you are welcome to watch our tournaments on twitch or hang with us on discord.
Click here to join our discord: Polhacks online or in the blue box to the right that says Discord.
Polhacks also have a stream on Twitch here.

Can I buy a ticket at the door?
No, the tickets can be bought online via the link on avalible on facebook, the website, and discord.

When does Polhacks open and close?
31 march - 1 april

What does one ticket cost?
150kr computer seat UTN members
200kr computer seat non-UTN members
Free for visitors

How long does ticket last?
The whole LAN!

I'm looking for a team/team mates for a tournament. How can I find them?
Click on the Discord link to the right and find the appropriate channel and write.