What is Polhacks?
Polhacks is a game festival dating back to 2011, arranged by Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students. It is a fun and social event with a focus on socializing and games that everyone can participate in and can find something to entertain themselves with. Whether you are an experienced gamer who has spend a lot of time gaming and maybe even on a competing level in some of the games, or if you've never played a game in your entire life, there will be something for you.

Who can participate?
Anyone who wants can participate, both members and not-members of UTN, welcome.
Note that if you are not a student at Uppsala University you will not have access to internet during the LAN party and are therefore encouraged to purchase a visitors ticket instead of a seat ticket.

How can I participate?
There are several ways to participate, you can buy a computer spot to bring your computer and connect to the network and play your games with other participants or on the internet. You can also attend as a visitor and play video games on the consoles that are located in the activity area, borrow a board game/card game and sit with your friends or anyone else who happens to be sitting at a table and start playing or just hang with all the nice people who are there!

If you buy a computer spot, you will have the opportunity to participate in the available tournaments. It's tournaments in the biggest and most popular e-sport games with awesome prizes.

If you don't feel like competing in a computer game will have plenty of competitions and other events to take part in outside of the digital world which will also have prices.

When does Polhacks open and close?
Polhacks opens the doors 5 pm 26th of March and ends 12 pm 29st of March. Polhacks is open 24h there inbetween!

When do you stop selling computer seats?
On March 23 at 23:59 we will stop the sales of computer seats. Make sure that you buy a computer seat before that so you don't miss Polhacks!

Are peanuts allowed?

Are Snickers or other candy with enclosed nuts allowed?

Can you come to Polhacks without a computer? Do you have to like games?
Of course! Polhacks is not only for computer and gaming interested. We also have a cozy corner and loads of boardgames, videogames and non-computer related events!

Can I buy a visitors ticket in the door?

What does one ticket cost?
A visitors ticket costs 20kr and a computer seat costs 200/250kr (member of UTN/Not member of UTN).

How long does the visitors ticket last?
The whole LAN provided you don’t remove you wrist band!

What do I need to bring besides a computer?
See the packing list.

I'm looking for a team/team mates for a tournamnet. How can I find them?
Click on the Discord link to the right and find the appropriate channel and write.

How do I transport my computer?
We offer computer transportation for 60kr. For more information click here.

How does one sleep?
There will unfortunately be no arranged sleeping area. So everyone has to go home to sleep. It is not allowed to sleep in the exam hall

Is drinking and/or bringing alcohol allowed on Polhacks?
No, we have zero tolerance for alcohol on Polhacks, this includes if you have been drinking alcohol before you arrive to Polhacks you will be denied access at the door.

Eating during Polhacks?
We will serve food at Uthgård during Polhacks, there you will be able to buy food including food for several allergies and meal preferences. There will also be a kiosk in the exam hall with alternative smaller dishes.

Will there be food for special diets?
Yes, See the question above.

If I want to sit besides my friends, how do I manage that?
Either you choose seats besides each other, or you can let you friend choose your seats for your whole group of friends, you can find more information about this on the seat selector.

Will there be WIFI?

Can you bring your own chair?
Yes, if you transport it yourself. We won’t be able to bring it with the computer pickup since it takes up too much space. The chair should not be a fire hazard, which means we could deny your chair if it’s too big. A “reasonable” size is a standard office chair. If you’re unsure if your chair is too big or not please email a picture or link to the chair in question to [email protected].

Is there wheelchair accessible seats and entrances?
Yes and yes.