The cozy corner

In the cozy corner there are lots of board games, retro games and cosiness. This is also where the kiosk is located. In the cozy corner you can find the following consoles with games:
NES-Super Mario 1 and 3
SNES-Donkey Kong Country
N64-Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart
Game Cube-Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart
Playstation 2-Sing star, Guitar Hero, Need for speed, Eye-Toy


Description: Every event marked with (T) will have a tournament or competition. At many of these there will be great prizes.

Mario Kart (T)

Description: Broom broom, watch out! Pedal to the metal when Mario and his friends, Luigi, Bowser and Wario (are they even friends? Why does Mario invite them to go-karting?) go racing!

Banana Throwing (T)

Description: Polhacks classic. Come and throw bananas

Rock Paper Scissors (T)

Description: Do you need training? Not really. Do you need will? Yes! Do you need Luck? YEES! Come and challange fate in a game of rock paper scissors.

Table tennis (T)

Description: A ping pong table are available for most part of the event outside of Mässen. One tournament in rundpingis wil be held.

Robot unicorn attack (T)

Description: Jump between mountains as an elegant unicorn! It's the easiest tournament you can participate in as you let the unicorn jump with one key and rush with another. It isn't more to it.

Noodle Fight (T)

Description: A pool noodle can be used as many things. Even as a weapon! Like Link obtaining a sword and shield, you will get a blindfold and a noodle. Hit your enemy before they hit you!

Achery tag

Description: Katniss Everdeen, Link, Legolas. They have two things in common: they are badass and they have a bow. This is probably correlated with each other. Test it yourself! Grab a bow and shoot against the enemy when you bring all your friends for a game of Archery Tag.

Archtung die Kurve (T)

Description: Play against four other players and avoid collisions.


Description: Come to the cozy corner and eat some buns! Don't forget your overalls!

Friday Night Magic

Description: Never played Magic the Gathering (MTG) before? You don't own a deck? Don't know the rules? No problem! There are decks to borrow and a quick guide how to play. So come exactly as you are and play a classic card game!

Musikquiz/kahoot (T)

Description: Sharpen your trivia skills because here is a competition! Quizzes in games, game music and more.

Role-playing game:

3 different role-playing games with 3 unique settings. Both for beginners and experienced players. Game rules and tips will be given at the beginning of the session. The game takes approximately 3 hours. Pre-registration is required.

  • DND
  • Stranger Things meets Dungeons and dragons. Or Dungeons and dragons meets Stranger Things? In this upside down-world you are thrown straight into an adventure with monsters, courage and lots of fun.
    Gamemaster: Andreas Elenborg (X)

  • Symbaroum
  • A detective story in the Renaissance era. Magic and mystery when you as a gaming group are going to solve a crime.
    Gamemaster: Daniel Kvarnström (Kand. kulturentreprenör)

  • Mutant år Noll
  • Mad Max meets Indiana Jones meets The Daily Fable. Sweden, post apocalyptic, puns..
    Gamemaster: Rasmus Kreku Hofvander (IT)

Sims building competition (T)

Description: Build the most beautiful, most unique or the most spectacular house you can! Send 5-10 pictures to [email protected] and let the jury judge your building. Riles will be published shortly before the tournament, but you only have 1 hour to build from the start of the tournament!

Super Mario Smash