Computer pick-up

Do you own tha raddest gaming computer, but it is a bit to heavy for you to be able to carry it to Polhacks? Polhackskå has the solution! It will be possible to get your equipment (computer + screen) picked up and transported to Polhacks and then back again after the event is over.
If you have bought a ticket for computer pick-up you will receive an email where you can leave your computer at any of our pick up points. Make sure to fill in this form to let us know were you would like to have your computer picked up and maybe we will add a stop to the route: form

We only pick up in downtown Uppsala. Last day to purchase is Thursday 5th of march at 18:00.


Advance reservation and payment is required and the fee is 60 SEK, which shall be paid in advance. Participants who have not applied nor paid in advance will not be able to take part of this service. Neither Polhackskå nor UTN will take responsibility for any damage during delivery but will of course be careful when dealing with Your equipment. You are yourself responsible for having your equipment well wrapped up for the transport. When picking up Your equipment, You will be required to sign a contract where the Polhackskå and UTN disclaims all liability for any shipping damage.

For questions please contact Network at [email protected]